About our homes

OLPA provide small residential homes across Wiltshire.  All of our houses are three or four bed, giving intimate, family living style

accommodation.  The homes are located in typical streets, so that they blend in with their neighbours and give our service users the

opportunity to take part in, and make the most of local community facilities and social opportunities.  People living in our homes are encouraged

to chose the decor both in their own rooms and in the shared areas.  We do provide furniture and fittings for bedrooms, however people moving in are

quite welcome to bring their own furniture etc.  All OLPA houses have regular tenants meetings, where people living in the home can comment on the quality of service, make requests and generally direct the way that the home and staff

operate.  We actively encourage family and friends to contribute ideas and feedback so that we can constantly monitor and improve the services and facilities that we offer.

All homes are decorated and equipped to a high standard, and most homes have their own people carrier.  Some homes have specific equipment

for people with a physical disability, and if necessary, equipment can be installed to meet the needs of new service users.


All OLPA houses have accessible, well kept gardens, as we recognise the value and joy to be had from outside spaces.

Many of the people living in our homes take an active part in planning and maintaining our gardens, and our annual garden

competition provokes some fierce rivalry.

All OLPA homes and services are rated as “compliant” by the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act.  CQC inspection reports can be found on their website at:  www.cqc.org.uk

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