Our History

The Ordinary Life Project Association was formed in 1983 in order to provide community based housing for people with a learning disability. In conjunction with Health, Social Services and other voluntary agencies, OLPA played a leading role in developing services within small homes, enabling the closure of large institutions.

In April 1993, OLPA became a registered charity and took over the management of houses and employment of staff. formerly managed and employed by the Health Authority.

Currently OLPA provides support to over 50 people, both within their own and registered residential homes.

OLPA Mission Statement

To provide a variety of support options to enable people with a learning disability to maintain and enjoy quality lifestyles within ordinary communities.

Service Objectives

  • To recognise the diversity, values and human rights of people who are supported by our services
  • To uphold and maintain the privacy, dignity and independence of people who are supported by our services
  • To encourage and enable people to be involved and to influence how the service is run
  • To encourage and enable people supported by our services to take an active part in their community
  • To provide environments and interpersonal support that encourages social, intellectual and emotional development
  • To provide support that is centred on individuals and considers all aspects of their unique circumstances and their immediate and long term needs.
  • To provide support that reflects individual needs, preferences and diversity
  • To provide support that balances risk management with the rights of the individual to make informed choices and to develop autonomy
  • To co-operate with other service providers and to provide a workforce who are equipped with the skills and training necessary to provide effective support for people with diverse and unique needs.
  • To recognise the vulnerability of individuals supported by our services and to take all possible steps to safeguard people from the dangers of exploitation or harm
  • To actively involve people who use our support in reviewing, developing and improving services
  • To respond effectively to complaints and concerns regarding our servoces and to take actions and make changes as appropriate
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